Pennington CrossFit Celebrates the Strength of Community

When Ananta Creative suggested a Ladies Night to Pennington CrossFit, the owners were intrigued. They liked the idea of giving back to their members and supporting local businesses. There was just as much interest from local business owners who wanted to be part of a spirited community event and fundraiser.

pennington crossfit ladies night.jpg

The event featured a clothing swap, raffles and giveaways from Athleta, massages, hand treatments, a chocolate tasting and all kinds of shopping opportunities, mostly from local boutiques. Yet, the gym owners didn’t want to take advantage of the many opportunities offered to cross-market the event. They simply wanted to host a lovely evening for their members and support their community.

We Listened. We Learned.

We politely encouraged Pennington CrossFit to promote the event. They more politely reminded us that they had a solid, supportive membership. What could we say? Their members were happy and healthy. Their business was thriving. They were well respected in the community.

Good Guys Can Finish First

Ladies Night at Pennington CrossFit was a tremendous success. For small businesses to survive, they need to make retaining customers as much of a priority as finding new ones. We already knew that; we just never saw it done so effortlessly before.

Thank you, Pennington CrossFit, for showing us how it’s done. And for the killer workouts, the amazing chocolates and the chance to be part of a community that expands far beyond the walls of a gym.