Not Your Run of the Mill 5K

The first annual "Not Your Run of the Mill" 5K lived up to its name.

It was a perfect day for a 5K. The sun was out and the temperatures were mild, which kept the runners smiling throughout the challenging 5K and obstacle race. Just about everyone who showed up at the near crack of dawn had one goal in mind: to have a good time while supporting a great cause–the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the Prallsville Mills.

As one of the corporate sponsors, and a creative force behind the event, Ananta Creative Group employed some rather unique training techniques. We ran around town with flyers and post cards to promote the event. We stretched our creativity to find new ways to reach community-minded individuals and convince them that the Prallsville Mills complex along the Delaware River was the ideal location for a day of fun and fitness. We competed in a crowded field of 5K events to gain the attention and respect of area runners. And, most important, we helped our client finish strong.

The "Not Your Run of the Mill" 5K was such a success that Colby Smith, triathlete and executive director of the Prallsville Mills, is already planning and training for the Second Annual 5K. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, July 30, 2016. 

Prallsville Mill Ananta Creative Group
Denise Sorin-Robinson Swarm New Hope
Nell Schreck, Denise Sorin-Robinson, Sean Grant and Jessica Stone
Ananta Creative Group Prallsville Mills Stockton New Jersey
Colby Smith Prallsville Mill
Leah Dillon and Felipe Sanchez Unbound Synergy