Never Miss a Party. Always Create a Scene.

The evening was right out of a novel. For one night only, the Prallsville Mills was transformed into a 1920s-style Speakeasy for an exquisite food and wine pairing event.

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From the stunning classic car parked out front to the gifted jazz musicians inside, to the period attire worn by so many of the guests, the Rare Pair fundraiser kept in the spirit of the times - and was a roaring good time!

Why the 20s theme?

We were given the task of choosing an iconic "Rare Pair" to serve as the symbol for this fundraiser, one of the biggest of the year for the Prallsville Mills. The first pair that came to mind: Jay and Daisy from F. Scott Fitzgerald's jazz age masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. 

Fitzgerald wrote, "Never miss a party, it's good for the nerves, like celery." We agree but also know it takes more than celery to calm your nerves the day of a big event; It takes careful planning and attention to detail. We were thrilled when so guests turned out in flapper dresses and fedoras, ready to party like it was 1929. 

Planning your next event? Make it fun. Make it memorable.

And set the tone weeks in advance with targeted promotional materials. And, then, on the night of the party, put on your swankiest glad rags, pour yourself a glass of champagne and celebrate in style.

The Rare Pair Speakeasy
From a Concept to a Photoshoot to an Amazing Night

Two weeks before an event, just as panic about ticket sales is at an all-time high, take a step back and breathe. Know that it's all going to work out. And find as many ways as you can to spread the word. Ananta marketing director Gail Rose and creative director Andrea Cipolloni turned up as flappers at the Prallsville Mill's Halloween party, another event they helped to brand.

One week before an event, when it seems there is nothing left to say, find a fresh new image to generate some buzz. This photo of the Grist Mill at night, taken by Matt Pilsner, is simply mesmerizing. We used images from the shoot to create a dark, mysterious look for the "The Rare Pair Speakeasy." It got people talking: "Where is this place? I want to go!"

On the night of the event, as you scurry around making sure every-last minute detail is met, remind yourself what it's all about. Are you raising money or awareness for a cause that is meaningful to you? We have a passion for the Prallsville Mills and the Delaware River Mill Society's mission to preserve and maintain this amazing historic site. And want to share it with as many people as we can.

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