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It’s not every day that we travel to the beaches of Boston’s North Shore for a photo shoot. Ananta Creative Group is very much a local business, focused on promoting other local businesses in and around Princeton, New Jersey.

Yet, when the right opportunity presents itself to stretch the limits a bit while remaining true to our high-touch approach to marketing consulting, we are more than happy to jump right in.

When Danielle Selleck of Healthy Intentions Living contacted us from Ashland, Massachusetts, we were at first only mildly curious. How did she hear about us? What is an alchemy crystal singing bowl, and how does its beautiful sounds help us to meditate? Where could we try a session?

We don’t have the luxury of working on every project that intrigues and challenges us on a personal level, but we do make a point to weave them into our production schedule. It’s how we stay true to our mission to promote good health, in business and in everyday life.

From the moment we first heard Danielle play the bowls, we knew she had a special talent. We spoke with her several times over the phone, but it wasn’t until we experienced a session with her that we truly understood her passion and her business. We wouldn’t start a new client relationship any other way.


1.    Face-to-face meetings (when possible). Of course we have the technology to conduct all of our business remotely, but we place a high value on personal interactions.

2.    A request to be your client (at least for a few hours). You build homes? We want to meet you on the site. You run a soccer camp? We want to see the kids in action. You manage a wedding venue? Sorry, we have to draw a line somewhere, but we would love a tour of the facility.

3.    A lot of questions (and some really good answers). Like other marketing agencies, we initiate almost every project with a standard questionnaire or phone consultation, but we are likely to take the conversation to unexpected places. We want to get you thinking in new ways from the start.

4.    A highly customized product (including custom photography whenever appropriate). We have built our reputation on stunning photography supported by engaging yet optimized copy. As we have grown and expanded our services, we continue to focus on creating content that is as far from generic as a client’s budget allows.

Read more about our award-winning photography and copywriting at nj.com.

5.    Knowledge of your industry (and a passion to learn more). We work with a diverse group of clients and have developed a strong expertise in a number of arenas. If we are not experts in your field when you hire us, we will be soon enough.

6.    Your participation (every step of the way—or not). Everyone has a different style of working. Whether you want to turn over all your marketing to us and not worry about day-to-day details, or you would rather share in every decision, we will make sure you feel comfortable—and confident—with the process.

7.    Flexible scheduling (that respects your time). This is the new world of work. We understand that you may work at home, or have family and volunteer commitments, or be in another time zone. We certainly can’t be everywhere you want us to be, whenever you want us to be there. But we make every effort to set up conference calls and meetings that address your situation.

8.    Field trips to the beach (okay, we are kidding, but … ). As much as we take our work seriously, we also think it’s important to keep joy in the process. We like to spend some time getting to know our clients, and to go the extra mile delivering personal service. That doesn’t always mean a photo shoot on the beach on a picture-perfect day. But it’s pretty wonderful when it does!

Just another day at the office? Not exactly. But we do take the time to capture the essence of your business.

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