Every few months we ask our creative consultants and marketing specialists to share their favorite projects with us. Whether it's an entire website or a single postcard, a digital marketing campaign or a special event, these projects produced results. And were fun to implement!


Santé Integrative Pharmacy
Celebrating National Hemp Week to create buzz

There's a growing awareness of the healing benefits of CBD oil, yet still a lot of misconceptions. As one of the few retailers in the Princeton area to carry an extensive line of CBD products, Santé saw "Hemp History Week" as the perfect time to spread the word. 

In addition to a gorgeous store window banner, we promoted special pricing on CBD oil products through social media, email and print advertising. We also used the opportunity to educate consumers on the various brands available as well as health benefits. See more work >>

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Amala Lymphatic & Massage Therapy
Soft launch of a New Business

Jennifer Ruiz came to us looking for a new name and look for her business at a time when we were looking for a new logo project for illustrator Anabel Bouza. The energy was there from day one. Jennifer wanted to differentiate herself from other massage therapy practices and educate people about her speciality: lymphatic drainage. The challenge was to create awareness without being too clinical. The result? A beautiful work of art.

We were so excited to see Jennifer offer this testimonial on social media: "I think I need an emoji for how much I love the Amala logo!" Possibly the best testimonial ever! See more work >>

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Princeton Integrative Health
New Year Offer for New Patients

We've all seen dozens of "New Year, New You" ads for weight loss clinics, fitness centers, nutrition practices, bariatric surgery centers, and more. Princeton Integrative Health came to us to help promote their "New Year, Best You" promotion for new patients. This was not to be a standard resolution-themed campaign, but an empowering message to change the way you live your life.

Through patients' testimonials, website blogs and email newsletters, we described our clients approach to helping patients achieve lasting, sustainable weight loss and improved health. See more work >>


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