A Strong Creative Force

What if your creative team literally worked up a sweat generating new ideas and positive energy for your business?

 Read our story in the  Elephant Journal

Read our story in the Elephant Journal

The founding members of Ananta Creative Group met at a gym. Gail Rose had seen Matt Pilsner's stunning photographs on the gym's website and introduced herself to him after a particularly challenging workout. Yet it was another kind of a challenge she was looking to meet that day. She was building her first website and wanted to establish a strong visual style right away, focusing on custom photography.

Gail met Amanda Martin a few months later, when they were partnered up during a workout that involved running with the other draped around their shoulders. Once they caught their breath, they discovered that they were both marketing professionals. They haven't stopped running since.

Today, Ananta Creative Group, LLC, is an expanding team of incredibly passionate marketing and public relations consultants and creative arts professionals. Ananta Creative Group has found its niche as a provider of dynamic, custom marketing content. 


What is Ananta?

Ananta is the Sanskrit word for endless, limitless and infinite; knowing no bounds. It’s what defines our approach to the creative process. It’s what we strive to be every day.

We are writers, editors, graphic designers, web designers, photographers, videographers, food stylists, programmers, digital marketing experts, public relations specialists and event planners.

We are also runners, bikers, CrossFit athletes, yoga lovers, Pilates enthusiasts, Zumba fans and Spartan Race competitors.

We still meet in the gym whenever we can. It strengthens our focus and releases our inner “ananta.”

Join us. For a walk, a run or a brand strategy session.