A collaboration of creative talent and marketing specialists

The Ananta team came together in 2014 when copywriter Gail Rose and photographer Matt Pilsner began developing simple websites for startup companies. They soon began working with graphic designers and digital marketing specialists to help brands tell their stories in refreshing new ways. 


Gail Rose 
co-founder and managing director

For more than two decades, Gail had been using her editorial and leadership skills to drive marketing and public relations campaigns, create award-winning copy and share engaging content for health and wellness clients. It wasn’t until she volunteered to help promote a new fitness business that she discovered that her energy for marketing a healthy lifestyle could be measured in more than ROI.

In addition to leading a spirited team of creative and marketing consultants at Ananta, Gail is a volunteer ambassador for the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Matt Pilsner
co-founder and operations director

Matt oversees Ananta’s business operations, including technical support and administrative leadership. One of the area's most talented photographers, Matt co-founded Ananta as a platform for his passion for photography. Yet, from the beginning, his strong technical expertise played an instrumental role in transforming Ananta from a hobby into an innovative marketing agency.

Matt’s career in theater arts continues to serve as an inspiration for his photography and a foundation for the creative vision he offers the Ananta team.

Creative TEAM
& Marketing Consultants


Anabel Bouza 
illustrator and graphic designer

Anabel has the vision to transform a simple concept into an inspired and thought-provoking design. Her work is always unique yet consistently on target. A mixed media artist, Anabel has a deep admiration for nature, folktales and the intricate handiwork of bygone craftsmen.


Audrey Chen 
marketing and website consultant

Audrey provides both technical and editorial support and strategy to the Ananta team, including email and social media marketing and website updates. Audrey has a strong background in health and wellness that includes roles as the Owner/Publisher of the Bucks/Montgomery edition of Natural Awakenings magazine and Social Medical Director of Brad’s Raw Foods.


Jacqui Hance
Social Media Specialist

Jacqui has been drafting copy and developing social media campaigns for local businesses, national brands and nonprofit organizations for nearly 10 years. Her focus has always been on great storytelling; getting to the heart of what makes each client unique, Jacqui designs campaigns that are authentic, engaging and thoughtful. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she is often found at her studio desk singing along to The Band.


Natalie Jankowski
social media consultant

Natalie helps to creatively strategize, plan and execute social media campaigns. When not checking Twitter or perusing Instagram, she can often be found reading, re-watching favorite TV shows or training for a half marathon. 


Eugene Pupak 
art director, website and graphic design

Eugene helps companies develop their brand, which starts with strong communication and thorough planning and results in stunning design and effective marketing materials. Eugene has extensive experience creating multimedia campaigns and promotions, including websites, brochures, flyers, newsletters, ebooks, emails and advertisements.


Michael Quanci
Graphic Designer

After nearly two decades working with both large ad agencies and small design boutiques, Michael has cultivated a distinctive design aesthetic that integrates his study of three-dimensional objects with his intuitive understanding of object placement within two-dimensional space. A graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, Michael currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with his partner and two dogs, who keep him company while he designs anything from corporate identity exhibitions to print collateral for clients across the country.


Katie Schmidt 
digital marketing strategist

Katie manages all paid search campaigns, provides strategies and insights on website analytics, and plans and implements search engine optimization services, including keyword research, meta-tags and content creation.