Phillips' Mill Community Association

BRANDING & Content Marketing

Logo for Phillips' Mill Community Association - Since 1929

The Phillips’ Mill Community Association approached Ananta in 2020 to update its image across the board. The volunteer-led nonprofit organization had earned a reputation for presenting Bucks County’s premier juried art show for more than nine decades. With that reputation came the perception that the organization had not moved forward or broadened its reach over the years. The organization did so much more than present an annual art show showcasing the works of Bucks County’s most talented landscape artists, but that message was not being made clear. The art show welcomed diverse artistic styles. The community association also presented a world-class juried photography exhibition, an impressive youth art show, an active drama program, creative social events, and occasional art workshops and talks. 

Our goal was to present Phillips’ Mill as one organization rather than a series of separate shows and committees, and to communicate that message in a contemporary way using digital media.

Our work for Phillips’ Mill includes:

  • Designing a new logo for the organization
  • Creating a brand guideline
  • Designing, developing and maintaining a website
  • Creating a content marketing strategy
  • Building a successful email marketing program
  • Branding individual events and programs
  • Designing print and digital advertisements

Email Marketing

Ananta moved the organization from a quarterly print newsletter to a monthly electronic newsletter. In less than three years, the email list has more than tripled. Open rates are consistently over 50 percent, click-through rates are far above industry standards, and conversions have been strong, as shown by tracking measures on their website.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Subscribers have grown from about 900 to more than 2,900 since our first issue
  • Average Grist newsletter open rate in 2023: 52 percent
  • Average Grist newsletter click-through rate in 2023: 6 percent
  • Highest website traffic days often coincide with Grist newsletter distribution
Email Marketing for Phillips' Mill Grist Newsletter

Our goal was to present Phillips’ Mill as one organization rather than a series of separate shows and committees, and to communicate that message in a contemporary way.

Laptop showing Phillips' Mill website created and managed by Ananta Creative Group

Phillips' Mill Website

Ananta designed and launched a new website for Phillips’ Mill in early 2020.  Content is updated at least once a month with new events, blogs, news updates and artist spotlights.  

The new website was an "overnight hit," and is now used as a hub for information that was once printed and mailed by teams of volunteers, including their member newsletter.

Because the Phillips' Mill Community Association had been around for 95 successful years, there was a definite hestitancy among many members to "go digital" in such a big way. Yet, in a matter of months, maybe weeks, just about every doubter was fully on board. In 2023, there were more than 28,000 unique visitors to the website.

Print & Digital Advertisements

As a local organization, with strong interest from the community, Phillips' Mill is a regular advertiser in the Bucks County Herald and its sister publication, River Towns Magazine.