What It's Like To Work with Us

It’s not every day that we travel to the beaches of Boston’s North Shore for a photo shoot. Ananta Creative Group is very much a local business, focused on promoting other local businesses in and around Princeton, New Jersey.

Matt Pilsner Photography Ananta Creative

Yet, when the right opportunity presents itself to stretch the limits a bit while remaining true to our high-touch approach to marketing consulting, we are more than happy to jump right in.

When Danielle Selleck of Healthy Intentions Living contacted us from Ashland, Massachusetts, we were at first only mildly curious. How did she hear about us? What is an alchemy crystal singing bowl, and how does its beautiful sounds help us to meditate? Where could we try a session?

We don’t have the luxury of working on every project that intrigues and challenges us on a personal level, but we do make a point to weave them into our production schedule. It’s how we stay true to our mission to promote good health, in business and in everyday life.

From the moment we first heard Danielle play the bowls, we knew she had a special talent. We spoke with her several times over the phone, but it wasn’t until we experienced a session with her that we truly understood her passion and her business. We wouldn’t start a new client relationship any other way.

What you can expect when you work with Ananta Creative Group:

1.    Face-to-face meetings (when possible). Of course we have the technology to conduct all of our business remotely, but we place a high value on personal interactions.

2.    A request to be your client (at least for a few hours). You build homes? We want to meet you on the site. You run a soccer camp? We want to see the kids in action. You manage a wedding venue? Sorry, we have to draw a line somewhere, but we would love a tour of the facility.

3.    A lot of questions (and some really good answers). Like other marketing agencies, we initiate almost every project with a standard questionnaire or phone consultation, but we are likely to take the conversation to unexpected places. We want to get you thinking in new ways from the start.

4.    A highly customized product (including custom photography whenever appropriate). We have built our reputation on stunning photography supported by engaging yet optimized copy. As we have grown and expanded our services, we continue to focus on creating content that is as far from generic as a client’s budget allows. 

Read more about our award-winning photography and copywriting at nj.com.

5.    Knowledge of your industry (and a passion to learn more). We work with a diverse group of clients and have developed a strong expertise in a number of arenas. If we are not experts in your field when you hire us, we will be soon enough.

6.    Your participation (every step of the way—or not). Everyone has a different style of working. Whether you want to turn over all your marketing to us and not worry about day-to-day details, or you would rather share in every decision, we will make sure you feel comfortable—and confident—with the process.

7.    Flexible scheduling (that respects your time). This is the new world of work. We understand that you may work at home, or have family and volunteer commitments, or be in another time zone. We certainly can’t be everywhere you want us to be, whenever you want us to be there. But we make every effort to set up conference calls and meetings that address your situation.

8.    Field trips to the beach (okay, we are kidding, but … ). As much as we take our work seriously, we also think it’s important to keep joy in the process. We like to spend some time getting to know our clients, and to go the extra mile delivering personal service. That doesn’t always mean a photo shoot on the beach on a picture-perfect day. But it’s pretty wonderful when it does!

 Just another day at the office? Not exactly. But we do take the time to capture the essence of your business.
To find out more, give us a call at 609.759.1209.

Matt Pilsner Photography Ananta Creative Group
Gail Rose and Matt Pilsner Ananta Creative Group
Ananta Creative Group Custom Photography

Are Creative Awards Still Relevant?

Ananta's Managing Director looks back-and forward–as the agency accepts three marketing communications awards for their work at the 2017 NJCAMA ASTRA Award Ceremony.

Gail Rose and Matt Pilsner accept an ASTRA Award at the New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJCAMA) 2017 award ceremony.  Ananta won Silver Awards for “Design/Advertising, Still Photography” for “The Prallsville Mills at Night,” “Excellence in Website Writing” for Ananta Creative Group, and “Multimedia Campaigns, Business-to-Consumer,” for Dickson Development.

Gail Rose and Matt Pilsner accept an ASTRA Award at the New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJCAMA) 2017 award ceremony. 

Ananta won Silver Awards for “Design/Advertising, Still Photography” for “The Prallsville Mills at Night,” “Excellence in Website Writing” for Ananta Creative Group, and “Multimedia Campaigns, Business-to-Consumer,” for Dickson Development.

Do creative awards still matter in the new world of marketing? I started to ponder this question on my way to the shopping mall the other day. Ananta had won three awards, and I had completely neglected to order a new dress to wear to the awards ceremony. Suddenly I felt like I had entered a time warp. Was it time to throw on a pair of pumps and pantyhose and rock my 80s playlist?

Not quite. Not yet. Technology has brought us to a much better place than we were when I began my career in marketing. We are now standing on solid, data-driven, measurable ground. Our work is being evaluated every single day by completely impartial robots! We can’t take them out to lunch to secure better placement on the page. The only thing that might get us to the top of Google is strong, relevant and engaging content with strategic on-page SEO implementation supported by an effective paid search campaign.

There is nothing subjective about a Google Analytics report, or the number of impressions on a LinkedIn post. And, frankly, even with all this data, we still have to prove the true value of our marketing initiatives every day. Do these statistics make us any more successful as marketers than an old-school, peer-reviewed creative award?

Yes, they do. There is little value in great marketing creative if it produces no measurable result. This is at the core of all the work we do at Ananta.

Naturally it came as no surprise that my highly disciplined, task-oriented millennial creative partner was completely baffled by the idea of a creative awards ceremony. Why in the world would we take time out of our day to celebrate ourselves when there was important work to be done? How could anyone even measure something as subjective as creativity? Would he have to wear a tie?

At the end of the day, the question is not about looking back to another time but how we move our message forward. Sure, you can argue that there is no point in spending time and money on awards when anyone today can self-publish their successes on our social media channels.

This is why, I suppose, I stopped entering work years ago. However, when a client asked us to win an award for the work we were doing, we got right on it. And found it was neither a waste of time nor money. It was an important reminder that we are not just in this to boost our rankings—or our egos. We are in it to make a difference.

Creative awards celebrate the human side of marketing, something that drives our energy and spirit at Ananta Creative Group. We love telling stories. We love making it personal. It is essential to acknowledge great work privately. It is a very good idea to do it publicly from time to time as well. Our strong creative product attracts top talent to our teams. Above all else, it creates a work culture that is uplifting, empowering and very relevant.

When You Are Too Busy To Blog

Of course you are too busy to blog!  We all use that excuse. It's time to lose it.


Remember how excited you were to start your company blog? And how you kept it current for … one issue?

We are all guilty of letting the blog drop. This is the first time we have added a new blog to our own website in a couple of months. Fortunately, our excuse is that we have been busy blogging for our clients. Check out some examples below.

Why blog in the first place?

You may think that no one cares about your rambling thoughts, and you may be right. That’s why you have to offer something of value to the reader. Unless you are an industry thought leader or a particularly engaging writer, chances are good that the masses are not eagerly awaiting your next update.

However, Google and other search engines are waiting for your next update. Text-heavy websites are a thing of the past, but content is still the King of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines recognize when content is added, and that gives your site authority, which translates into better rankings. Do the math. Add some words. Add the right words—we call them “keywords.” But don’t just throw 5,000 of them up on your home page and call it a day. The search engines see right through that, and worse, you will scare away human readers with all that intimidating text.

What about all your stunning photography?

Keep your home page clean and visually appealing, with brief, informative and compelling copy. Use it to direct people to the new content on your site that is as appealing to humans as it is to search engines. With strong images and intriguing, timely and SEO-friendly copy. That sounds like a blog! Now you get it?

  1. Blog because it gives Google new content to crawl.

  2. Blog because it gives you a voice and establishes you as an expert.

  3. Blog because it gives readers a reason to come back to your website.

  4. Blog because it gives you original content to share on social media.

What should you blog about?

What do your readers want to know? How to hire a builder? How to burn fat? How to get their kids into college? Think about the kind of information and questions your clients and prospects ask you.

Now take a look at your website and newsletter analytics. What are people reading? Give them what they want. It’s just that simple. Even if you are not directly promoting one of your products or services, you are building trust with your readers by offering them useful, insightful and engaging information. If you can mention your product or service as well, that’s even better. Just try not to make it too self-promotional. This is a blog. Not an ad.

For example, people are always asking us how they can do a better job managing their social media business pages. Many of them are people we know will never hire an outside agency to do their social media, but who could very likely engage us in another way. We want to be recognized for experience, and we want to be helpful, but we don’t want to give away the whole shop. By offering a few tips, we get the conversation started. Or help them along their way. Best of all, they find us on the web. If we do our homework, blog about the topics that are interesting to our clients, and implement effective SEO, they have a much better chance of finding us than if we never update our content.

How long should your blog be?

There are some excellent reasons to keep your blog short. And just as many, if not more, to make it long. What’s just right? That depends on many factors. Short blogs are great when you are trying to get the reader to take action—schedule an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, order a product. All the same, a blog needs to be at least 300 words to rank with the search engines. What’s more, research suggests that 1,600 to 2,500 words and up is ideal for SEO.

We have a specific goal in mind every time we write a blog, and they vary widely. But our commitment remains the same: We write for people first, and search engines (a close) second. We aren’t going to fill a page if there is nothing left to say. Let’s face it, most people are not only too busy to write blogs, they are also too busy to read them.

How will you find time to do it?

Simply stated, you have to make a commitment to blog, and that starts with good planning and these four tips:

  1. Set realistic goals, just as you would at the gym. If you know you will be lucky to get one done a quarter, then schedule it that way and stick to it. We suggest at least one a month, but if the task becomes too overwhelming, you may just give the whole thing up.

  2. Create an editorial calendar. Set deadlines. Share them with others on your team. Be accountable.

  3. Schedule time. Put the tasks in a project manager tool or on your calendar

  4. Get help. You may not be able to do it alone, especially if you are not a writer. Engage others on your team or hire a consultant.

Still staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration?
We are here to help. We love to write and edit blogs for our clients.
Give us a call at 609.759.1209 to find out more.

Dickson Development updates its blog regularly with home improvement ideas and featured home projects. Click on the image to read more.

Dickson Development updates its blog regularly with home improvement ideas and featured home projects. Click on the image to read more.

Adaptation updates its blog with fresh perspectives on the New World of Work.  Click on the image to read more.

Adaptation updates its blog with fresh perspectives on the New World of Work.  Click on the image to read more.

Cheers to Special Event Marketing!

Ananta Creative Group Princeton

Every time you host or sponsor an event, it's an opportunity to present your company in the best possible light. Yet who has time to design custom coasters and create social media banners when you are still trying to finalize the guest list? We do!

Ananta Creative Group engages the services and creative expertise of a team of designers and special events marketing consultants. When we launched our Princeton office with an informal meet + greet, our team insisted that every detail be carefully branded. From the invitations to the cupcakes and everything in between, the message was consistent, inspiring and refreshing. 

When Princeton Integrative Health had their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony, we designed the invitations, flyers and postcards to coordinate with their new logo and marketing materials–and followed up with the press to make sure the event was covered in several local newspapers.

We can do the same for you, whether you are planning a holiday party, a corporate retreat, a business conference or a product launch.

5 Reasons to Brand Your Next Event

1. It's a great excuse to introduce yourself to the media, reinforce your brand to both current and potential customers or engage your employees in a team-building, morale-boosting activity. 

2. It's an opportunity to generate social media buzz. We can help you create Facebook events and banner photos, Instagram posts and LinkedIn announcements. Our social media experts know how to get in front of a very targeted audience. 

3. It's an easy way to build excitement and awareness of your brand or company. Event marketing materials lend themselves to creative, eye-catching themes. 

4. It gives you something to blog about on your website as well as post on your social media. Good content will be shared, and that will improve the performance of your website.

5. It is the perfect photo op! Encourage your guests to snap and share photos throughout your event, and follow up by posting and distributing professional photographs from the event. 

Ananta Creative Group created the logo and many of the marketing materials for our Annual Impact Awards. It’s our most important fundraiser of the year. I can’t say enough about the support and creative vision they provided.
— Amy Klein, Executive Director, VolunteerConnect


From custom logos and marketing materials to event photography and social media planning, we have the talent to make your next event a success. Click here to view of our work.

Ananta Special Event Branding Materials & Photos

Event logo by Monica Vagnozzi-Vogel

Event logo by Amanda Martin

Event logo by Andrea Cipolloni

Logo refresh and invitation by Anabel Bouza

Ananta Creative Group Says Hello!

What happens when you put a group of yoga teachers, SAT tutors, business leaders, event planners, sales associates, physicians and nonprofit directors in a room full of colorful cupcakes and craft beer?

You create a lot of positive energy, and walk away with some pretty amazing stories. When we invited our clients, colleagues and members of the Princeton area business community to an informal networking gathering at Triumph Brewing Company, we didn't know quite what to expect. How could we keep our guests engaged?  How could they benefit from attending our event? The answer was simple: Give them a chance to talk about their own passions and business goals, and they would inspire each other.

Ananta Creative Group Princeton

The Ananta Meet + Greet was planned as a celebration of our move to Princeton and an opportunity to showcase our recent work. Yet we didn’t want the focus of the evening to be solely on us, but instead the fascinating people we get to work with every day. 

Throughout the night, guests shared their own inspiring stories, from starting their own businesses to providing educational services to incarcerated students, from training volunteers to pursuing lifelong hobbies as diverse as astrophotography and custom cat greeting cards.

We thank everyone who came out to make it such a special evening. Our approach to marketing emphasizes the power of custom photography and engaging copy to share a client's story. As much as we love telling great stories, we learn a lot more from listening to them.


Ananta Cretive Group Princeton, NJ

Event photos by Matt Pilsner

Missed the party? No worries. We can help you brand your next event!

From Research & Discovery to Self-Discovery


Traditional marketing agencies guide new clients through a research and discovery process to develop a targeted branding strategy. Ananta Creative Group takes it a step further.


We got our start helping start-ups. Young companies not quite sure how to position and present themselves to the world. One of our first website clients was a newly certified yoga instructor. We asked her a lot of soul-searching questions to help us determine how to market her business, which in reality did not yet exist. We began to wonder if she had approached us prematurely and even considered telling her so. Yet who were we to dampen her spirit?

Throughout the discovery process, we encouraged her to focus on her own unique strengths. She continued to push ahead, choosing to emulate some of the most popular yoga teachers of the day. Until she realized that she was trying too hard to be something she thought she was supposed to be, instead of what she was meant to be.

In the end, she found her path and carved out a niche for herself teaching a gentler style of yoga. We realized something about ourselves as well. We weren’t just in the business of building websites.

Unlike the yoga teacher, Richard Dickson’s business was already firmly established when he approached us about a new website. Dickson Development had been building and renovating quality homes in the Princeton, NJ, area for more than 40 years. He recognized that his marketing materials needed more than a cosmetic “refresh.” They needed to perform in today’s digital marketplace.

Richard clearly enjoyed the website development process and learning about social media and digital marketing strategies. He was having fun, but he was also increasing his presence in the market. We encouraged him to put himself out there along with his company’s elegant work. He was hesitant at first, then realized that his success over the years was due in part to his uncompromising commitment to provide personal service to every client.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful local business owners and experience their excitement for creating and recreating themselves.

This past week we had the pleasure of photographing Karin Eisen’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduation ceremony at the Cornerstone Club in New Hope, PA. We are preparing to launch a new website for Karin, who is one of the most knowledgeable and highly respected yoga instructors in the region. She also approached us looking for something more than a tangible product. She was looking for a way to bring her wisdom and years of experience to a much wider audience. 

Ananta Creative got its start helping friends and small business owners in the fitness industry. Today we are excited and honored to be a part of a much greater journey in our client’s lives–the journey of self-discovery.





The Right Place. The Right Time.


Choose Your Social Media Platforms Wisely
But Always Start with a Facebook Business Page

Social media marketing should be a part of every company’s overall marketing plan. But where to start? Think about your time and resources and set realistic goals and expectations.

  • Choose 3 to 4 outlets and stick to them: Don’t spread yourself too thin.
  • Think quality over quantity: Work smarter not harder.
  • Post at least 3 to 4 times a week.  The best time to post depends on a number of factors, starting with the platform. Wednesday and Thursday afternoon appears to be an effective time to engage Facebook users, while break times and commuter times are ideal to target Twitter users. Instagram? Almost any time, but we like mid to late afternoon.

Fast Facts about the 3 Top Platforms

1. Facebook

You can target your audience for very little money buying Facebook ads or boosting your posts.

Paid Ads: Putting some money into ads will naturally increase your page likes, and Facebook gives you many options to target your audience. Just remember, you need to follow the 20 percent rule (only 20 percent text maximum on each ad).

Boosting: While it does not offer as many targeting options as running ads, it is still an effective tool to get your message in front of your followers

2. Twitter

Twitter is the way to go when you need to get your message out quickly and in front of niche marketing

Engage your audience: Don’t just tweet at people. Start a conversation. Reply to tweets.

Broaden your reach: Just because you aren’t in a particular industry doesn’t mean you can’t engage them in one of your tweets, or respond to theirs.

Use Hashtags: They immediately bring like-minded ideas and people together. If you choose something specific to your business, check it first to see what comes up. You can find idea on sites like hashtagify.me or tagsforlikes.com to find the most popular hashtags for specific topics.

3. Instagram

Instagram is all about sharing photos. And let’s face it, everyone loves a great photo – or even a not-so-great photo if it tells the right story.

Gets you in front of a niche audience: Get more followers by posting often, using relevant hashtags and following other pages. See and be seen.

Gives your business a face: From your office pet to your company summer outing, things you might think are “everyday,” are things that other people relate to and might find interesting.

Releases your creativity: You can find Insta-inspiration just about anywhere. Start with other social media pages, magazines and websites relevant to your business.

Remember there are dozens of platforms our there. Linkedin is not just an online address book. Update your page with relevant posts and be sure your profile is current. Others to consider include You Tube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and ShapChat.

For more information, give us a call at 609-759-1209

The Party's Over. What's Next?

Social Media Tip #1 - Never Post without a Photo


You had a great event. How can you follow up in a way that continues to engage your audience? It's simple. Post a photo from your event on social media and encourage people to share it. Add a link to a blog on your website with more photos. Just like this!

McCarter Theatre's Natalie Jankowski 

McCarter Theatre's Natalie Jankowski 

A captivated audience

A captivated audience

The Grist Mill at Night by Matt Pilsner 

The Grist Mill at Night by Matt Pilsner 

Phil Gutis, Deputy Director of the Mill

Phil Gutis, Deputy Director of the Mill

Bettelynne McIlvain & Richard Vincent

Bettelynne McIlvain & Richard Vincent

Kate Miterko checking in on Facebook

Kate Miterko checking in on Facebook

Natalie sharing tips with Rebecca Kahn

Natalie sharing tips with Rebecca Kahn

Not Sure What to Post?


Everyone likes a pretty picture, says Natalie Jankowski, Assistant Director of Marketing for Princeton's McCarter Theatre. During Ananta Creative Group's #SocialMediaMarketing Event at the Prallsville Mill, Natalie recalled the day she posted a simple photo of the theatre covered in snow. That post received more likes than anything she had posted before or since at McCarter. "You can never go wrong with a great photo," she says. "Be sure to size them appropriately and try different apps. I really like Canva. It's user-friendly and free."

Remember that video is great, too. Just be sure to keep them short, about 60 seconds or less. It's also best to upload them directly versus posting on YouTube or Vimeo. They will play instantly that way as the user scrolls through his or her newsfeed.

Not Sure Where to Post?

Check our website next week to find out which social media platforms are right for you. You don't need to be on a dozen, you just need to be consistent. One or two carefully selected outlets will be much easier to manage in the long run.

Feeling social now? Give us a call at 215.962.8810. We're available to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.



How to Use Social Media for Business


We know you go on Facebook at work. And post pictures of your cat on Instagram. You may even do it for a living like Natalie Jankowski, Assistant Director of Marketing at McCarter Theatre. Natalie was the guest speaker at Ananta Creative Group's Social Media event, held on Wednesday, March 30, at the Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ.  

Natalie shared some of her best strategies for boosting your business on social media.  


Natalie MKE JumpingCROP.jpg

Natalie Jankowski is a quintessential cheesehead and über Green Bay Packer fan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She got that infamous theater bug by working as a character performer at Walt Disney World. Today, she represents McCarter’s voice across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and others.

When she's not at McCarter, Natalie likes to run (and just signed up for the Dumbo Dare challenge in Disneyland!), try out different craft beers with her boyfriend and visit new places.

The Distinction That's Dickson.

We’d like to take credit for putting Dickson Development on the map, but the innovative design build firm has been building and renovating homes in the Princeton area for more than 45 years. 


Richard Dickson has built a strong reputation for his company by keeping his core values close to heart, and his projects close to town. His town.

Richard lives in Princeton. He works in Princeton and its surrounding communities of West Windsor and Princeton Junction. Almost every Dickson home has a Princeton area zip code.

Why Princeton?

Princeton is certainly a desirable location—one of the most sought-after real estate markets in the country. Homes here hold their value. Dickson Development has seen tremendous growth in their renovations and addition business because so many Princeton residents would rather expand or enhance their current homes than move. Why leave when you’ve already arrived?

Richard Dickson has an even more compelling reason for keeping his projects within a defined geographic location. He and his team can better supervise every detail of a job that’s within a short drive. This keeps quality up and costs down. It also allows Richard to do what he enjoys most: provide personal service to every client.

Our Challenge

Richard Dickson came to us with a challenge: to keep his company on the Princeton map by getting it to the top of the Google map. As we premiere his new corporate colors and logo, our SEO specialist is working behind the scenes to develop a strategy to boost his rankings on Google. Sometimes it takes more than a coat of paint to transform a room. But it's always a good place to start. 

We welcome Dickson Development to our own select group of central New Jersey clients, and look forward to updating their established brand with a new look and website.



© copyright Matt Pilsner Photography and Ananta Creative Group, LLC

Building Your Brand. One Click at a Time


I’ll be honest. I had a hard time warming up to Instagram.


Why would anyone care what I ordered for dinner last night? I am not a restaurant critic or a food photographer. Wouldn’t I be more inspiring on Facebook posting motivational quotes? More engaging on LinkedIn sharing useful marketing tips? It wasn’t until a photo I sent to Athleta landed up on the banner page of their Instagram that I “got it” and realized that Ananta Creative Group already “had it.”

Meet Our In-House Photographer

The first time we saw Donna Longo's new classical Pilates studio and healing arts center, we immediately grabbed our phones and started taking pictures - and calling our in-house photographer, Matt Pilsner. Her new space in the renovated Scudder Tractor barn in Pennington, NJ, was spectacular: open, inviting, unique and inspiring. We knew instantly that her new website would come alive with photos of the space itself.  

Great Clicks Generate More Clicks

As marketers, we know that we only have a split second to capture your interest. At Ananta Creative Group, we do that with images that draw you in, and words that keep you engaged. We also understand how to use custom photography to improve your social media engagement and search engine optimization. We take the time to optimize every image we post with the right words to improve your rankings. 

Matt Pilsner has one eye on the camera, and the other on your analytics. His passion for marketing is almost as strong as his talent as a photographer. And he's got a pretty solid Instagram game, too!

Not Your Run of the Mill 5K

The first annual "Not Your Run of the Mill" 5K lived up to its name.

It was a perfect day for a 5K. The sun was out and the temperatures were mild, which kept the runners smiling throughout the challenging 5K and obstacle race. Just about everyone who showed up at the near crack of dawn had one goal in mind: to have a good time while supporting a great cause–the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the Prallsville Mills.

As one of the corporate sponsors, and a creative force behind the event, Ananta Creative Group employed some rather unique training techniques. We ran around town with flyers and post cards to promote the event. We stretched our creativity to find new ways to reach community-minded individuals and convince them that the Prallsville Mills complex along the Delaware River was the ideal location for a day of fun and fitness. We competed in a crowded field of 5K events to gain the attention and respect of area runners. And, most important, we helped our client finish strong.

The "Not Your Run of the Mill" 5K was such a success that Colby Smith, triathlete and executive director of the Prallsville Mills, is already planning and training for the Second Annual 5K. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, July 30, 2016. 

Prallsville Mill Ananta Creative Group
Denise Sorin-Robinson Swarm New Hope
Nell Schreck, Denise Sorin-Robinson, Sean Grant and Jessica Stone
Ananta Creative Group Prallsville Mills Stockton New Jersey
Colby Smith Prallsville Mill
Leah Dillon and Felipe Sanchez Unbound Synergy

Bluegrass. BBQ. Whiskey. And Tank.


It was an enchanting evening along the Delaware River in Stockton, NJ -
and a great night for our friends at the historic Prallsville Mills.

The new executive director of the Delaware River Mills Society, J. Colby Smith, Esq., is about as calm and peaceful a man as you will ever find. When he isn't raising awareness and funds for the Prallsville Mills, he is teaching yoga and Pilates, raising a son and promoting overall wellness in the community. Yet, when it was time to bring a fresh approach (and a coat of paint) to this community treasure and national historic landmark, he was a wee bit tense!

Colby organized an ambitious day-long event that kicked off with a "Paint the Prallsville" effort, led by The Painting Co. of Lambertville, NJ. That evening, the Fiddlin' in the Mill fundraiser featured sweet bluegrass tunes by Jericho Grass,  a delicious BBQ dinner by Bitter Bobs and ice cream sundaes by Owow Cow. 

Leave it to Ananta Creative Group to provide stress relief in the form of a cuddly pup named Tank, a fabulous logo and lots of last-minute PR to help make Colby's fundraising effort a success. When more than 200 people and one Great Dane showed up, Colby was able to take a deep breath and soak up the love and support of his friends and community. It was a great event hosted by a truly inspiring person. Thank you, Colby Smith, for sharing your passion for the arts!

Pennington CrossFit Celebrates the Strength of Community

When Ananta Creative suggested a Ladies Night to Pennington CrossFit, the owners were intrigued. They liked the idea of giving back to their members and supporting local businesses. There was just as much interest from local business owners who wanted to be part of a spirited community event and fundraiser.

pennington crossfit ladies night.jpg

The event featured a clothing swap, raffles and giveaways from Athleta, massages, hand treatments, a chocolate tasting and all kinds of shopping opportunities, mostly from local boutiques. Yet, the gym owners didn’t want to take advantage of the many opportunities offered to cross-market the event. They simply wanted to host a lovely evening for their members and support their community.

We Listened. We Learned.

We politely encouraged Pennington CrossFit to promote the event. They more politely reminded us that they had a solid, supportive membership. What could we say? Their members were happy and healthy. Their business was thriving. They were well respected in the community.

Good Guys Can Finish First

Ladies Night at Pennington CrossFit was a tremendous success. For small businesses to survive, they need to make retaining customers as much of a priority as finding new ones. We already knew that; we just never saw it done so effortlessly before.

Thank you, Pennington CrossFit, for showing us how it’s done. And for the killer workouts, the amazing chocolates and the chance to be part of a community that expands far beyond the walls of a gym.